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25.05.2020 – IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: As much as we are physical beings living this human life, there are other energies available to us to assist us in having an easier passage. That is, if we engage our free will in accepting this. Our choice. Today the Emperor has stepped forward to share his insights with us – he is connected to other realms and rooted at the same time. He has let go of judgement and opened himself to receive. He stands in his own power while comfortable in accepting any guidance received.

He recognises portals to other worlds and if called to do so he will travel there however, he is rooted in mother earth and will always return until it is time for his final departure. He understands his own duplicity and has made peace with it.

He is nature, he is nurturing, conscious and unconscious simultaneously.

Are you finding a balance in the duplicity of the life you are living today?

If you need guidance then do not be afraid to ask; even if you know naught whom it is you are asking.

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