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25.02.2022 Queen of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: From a King to a Queen, and a Queen sandwich with another Queen on Sunday, we will leave the filling till tomorrow! A day when we may find that other people will offer us their assistance. Our Queen today is said to be an equal to the Emperor in the Major Arcana. She channels her power for her success. A warrior queen that brings fulfilment into her life. She brings us courage, confidence and determination. She takes the lead. Card of a development stage before achieving. A day to take action based on our intuition. Be in our power and take a possibly painful choice on how we need to move forward from where we are. Queens are of the water element, they are caring, experienced and mature. She is linked to the sun sign of Aries and Mars is its ruler. Mars brings us action and desire, initiation and self-assertion. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is active, assertive, leading and pioneering. Put all these energies together and we get the information we are being guided with today. Be in our own power and do what is right for us today. Like many things in life it won’t suit all of the people all of the time but that is their journey to learn. We can be mature and caring enough yet still be a leader. Learning to listen to others is a good start. Valuing the uniqueness of others also helps. We can be right for us but that does not mean we are right for everybody. A day to use our experience to actively take our desires forward. It may mean we lose a few along the way but that is okay. That is life. Life is change. Mars is a raw energy. Like all signs and planets there are dualistic energies. They can be used e.g. in this case as as aggressive or as in an assertive way.

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