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25.02.2021 XII The Hanged Man

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: We have lived the fast lane, encouraged to push, push, push. Compete and strive to be better than others being sold the line – it’s what we have to do! Over the course of this last year we have been awakened to a different way of being. It has allowed us time to see things in different perspectives.

Today we have a visit from The Hanged Man, more water energy from the planet Neptune in Pisces and is actually where it has been hanging out for a few years now! Neptune in Pisces brings us visions of an ideal world of compassion, service and spirituality to name but three. A time of when dreams hold no bounds and why we are being encouraged to have those dreams of what we would like the shape of our future to be. As we are currently approaching the full moon in Virgo then it would be wise to put those dreams on hold for a couple of weeks until we are back in new moon energy. Pisces as with the Hanged Man is about reflection. Take time today to drop into our heart, check in with our emotions and how we are currently feeling about where we are and what we want for our futures. What do we need to let go off that is holding us back? Make the most of some time out today.

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