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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

25.02.2019 – XIX The Sun

What a wonderful card for a Monday, especially one if we are currently experiencing it as dark and dismal.

This cards sings to me the lyrics of Bye Bye Blackbird–'pack up all your cares and woes'.

To put it another way, what good does it do you worrying about things you have no control over? So pack them up into a box and put them out with the rubbish; the universe will take care of them for you, you don’t really need them do you?

What else in your life do you not need that is weighing you down?

Travelling light is truly liberating, let go and try it.

Today (in the card at least) the sun shines brightly beckoning you towards happiness and smiles. Maybe it's a good day to book that holiday you’ve been thinking about and remember, if you are heading to Barcelona, be sure to give me a shout.

If you are not physically flying high then is there an area in your life you can appreciate as being in a high flying place?

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