• Patricia Jean Fleming

25.01.2022 Nine of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Mars energy with us again today, loving these connecting energies that are blending our day to day this last wee while. We may find ourselves in despair today, losing ourselves in negative thinking.

A feeling of loss of control or restless, nervous energy. Some might feel we have a reason to be this way as it is something based on fact. This may be so, but if we allow ourselves to wallow in the mind of negative energy, that is what we draw towards us. A day to put things into perspective so we can see a way forward. We really do need to get out of the negative mindset. A day to find a new way to view things to assist us to master our mind. This is a temporary situation and we have the power to change, if we allow ourselves to do it. *Molly McCord shares that today in astrology we have [here is that three again!] ‘three personal planets in Capricorn. which brings in the need to honor our responsibilities, focus on what we need to take care of, establish clear boundaries, and not go overboard in any direction. The Sun and Saturn in Aquarius are crystallizing more of your own individual energy field and what you are uniquely designed to experience in this lifetime. A deeper knowingness is emerging at a cellular level, and it could help you understand what is important to focus on right now.’ *https://youtu.be/jdgI9ZwybOI

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