• Patricia Jean Fleming

24.10.2020 – III The Empress

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Penultimate major arcana card of our five this week The Empress. I love this card and the energy that comes from it just from the visual depiction let alone the historical meaning of the card. Today I am drawn to the autumnal colours in her dress and the roses decorating the bough she stands on. Although nature's year is heading for its time of dormancy there is still time to reap the benefits of the harvest season and use this time to embrace any transformational energy that is appearing around us. This may well be in a love situation as I am drawn to the heart hanging from her belt and healing via the green sash wrapped around her.

Threes are about birth, growth and creation. They can be about lessons learned from the past and making something new happen; possibly a new journey which is a nice follow on from yesterday’s Ace of Cups.

This card represents the planet Venus in Taurus. Venus the planet of love, money and self-esteem alongside Taurean emphasis on comfort, security and creativity.

Venus of course being very much at home in Taurus as ruler of that sign (as well as Libra).

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