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24.09.2020 – XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Do not fear this card. Within the number 15 we have 3x5 and 3 is the trinity, 5 is change so we have a triple and divine energy of change here today. We also have the numerology of both 15 and 6. Fear has been used to manipulate the general populace for millennia. Now is the time to take our power back and step into our own truths. Not things we have taken on from the value of others but what is true to our heart and soul and that it comes from love. We all have a shadow side and it is in our power as to which we allow to lead us through our days. Don’t be too hard on yourself in down days, they happen, we are living a human life.

All things in moderation is what I am guided too. This does not mean living in a bland existence but knowing when we need to balance out the extremes to move into the opposite, or indeed the balance at times as it calls to us.

Today I allow myself to submit to some indulgences as it’s my Birthday.

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