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24.08.2021 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: A royal visitor today with the first of the four royals and the first of the four suits. Sometimes known as the ‘free spirit’ card, it brings us action, excitement, grounding, heart, new adventure, passions, soul and starting something.

The pages are the heralds of the suits bringing the energy of communication. They are of the Earth element bringing us grounding energy while the Wands are of the Fire element. They are youthful and full of enthusiasm; they are our messengers. From the Shadowscapes Companion book: ‘The Page of Wands is creative and passionate. She is witty, charismatic, and outspoken with her philosophy. She knows her mind and is direct and forthright when she has an opinion. . . . Sometimes the actions that push you to the limits of comfort are the most rewarding. She tells you to do and not sit there with only mute desire. Action is what is important. Can you hear her song ringing?

I have linked this card to the planet Mercury for communication and the earth element sign it rules, Virgo. Mercury is currently transiting Virgo until Monday 30th August when it enters Libra. What will we find ourselves starting today?

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