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24.04.2021 Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today we have a visit from the Divine Nudge card. It is so easy to get stuck in old emotions, I would say it is okay to revisit them as and when we feel called to do so but there is a clue in the name ‘old’ emotions – not ‘now’ emotions. Maybe today would be a good day to ask ourselves which it is – old or now? If we are gravitating back to ‘old’ then it could be that there is something we have yet to learn from them or, maybe, it is just about allowing ourselves to flow with life and learn to let the ‘old’ go.

Being able to be quiet and go within to listen to our intuition would help with that. Where we can put the mind aside a listen to our higher self. The card is a four so it is about seeking stability, a new foundation or platform to work from.

The card of Moon in Sun sign of Cancer where it is ‘at home’. Tonight I am seeing the phases of the moon and being reminded of balance. Life would be boring if we didn’t flow with the movement of the scales, sometimes this way, sometimes that. But, we do need to redress the balance after it being too long one way or the other. I think the ever flowing faces of the moon is a good analogy for us with this.

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