• Patricia Jean Fleming

24.04.2019 – 0 The Fool

Wednesday: A wonderful follow on from yesterday’s card. This is your launch pad, your new beginning, are you ready to embrace it and fly to greater heights than ever you have been?

Are you making use of the energies around you today to step forward on another new journey in your life?

The planets are sending us energy to assist us with our desires and dreams, we have the free will to harness that energy or let it slip past us (i.e. stay on the circle path or jump on the spiral).

Every journey we take in life builds a platform for us which is ‘us’ our everlasting energy which travels with us from one life to the next.

We may not remember it but the essence is with us. So more than what do you want for this life, but, what do you want for your everlasting soul?

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