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24.03.2022 VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Originally known as the Master of Thoughts, today the Strength card of the Major Arcana drops by to powerfully share the guidance for us to find our own individual strength, our inner power through mastering our thoughts. Card of confidence, magnanimity, optimism, validation and will. It is represented by the zodiac sign of Leo and therefore the Sun, the life giver of our solar system. The sun asks us to know our sense of purpose, it assists us with self-expression and vitality. Linked to the fire element which is of achievement, enthusiasm, excitement, inspirational, someone who takes control and has pioneering drive. The sun is currently in the first of the zodiac signs, Aries, another of the three fire element signs. Also in Aries we have the slow moving outer planets Chiron [the Wounded Healer] discovered in 1977 and the planet Eris, discovered in 2005, referred to as the 10th planet of the solar system. It is said to bring an energy of rebellion. The numerology of eight is of mastering something, of positive change. Of movement, power and progress. Let us use these energies today to master our thoughts and gain personal recognition of our own power of being in this world and of being the best we can be. To know our sense of purpose is in being us, individual and unique.

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