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24.01.2022 Seven of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Staying with the Wands for a third day. (there’s that three energy again today). Card of Mars in Leo while in reality Mars moves from Sagittarius (also with us yesterday) into Capricorn at 12:52 GMT. Things don’t happen at the ‘drop of a hat’ in astrology, there is a bleed of energy that is emitted before and after the event, getting stronger leading up to it and waning, lessening afterwards. Our perception is being jogged today with this card and how we perceive it. What do you see in this card today? Have you read my reading of it before? Are you able to see an alternative to the obvious aggression that jumps out from the picture? A card that guides us to be in our power, the power to overcome anything. Possible interference from other people today. Being on top of a difficult situation or challenge. Be open to new possibilities. What if bumbling Badger didn’t mean to attack but stumbled upon this Vixen who naturally defends her cubs? Card of standing tall and resolute. Perseverance, getting onto higher ground and keeping going. Overcoming others limitations of self. Standing our ground with what’s right for us; but not brashly. Forgiveness issues. Mars in Leo is a fiery duo, fire can keep us warm but it can also decimate us.

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