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23.12.2020 VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: As has been said before this card was once known as the card of choice. Let us not blinker our sight to believe that it is only about couple love connections, open our minds to wider relationships and how we choose to see them. What were we wishing for yesterday following the cup of joy on Monday? The Mars/Pluto energy around just now can be harnessed in a positive way as in assisting us to e.g. ‘get the job done’ but be careful not to trample on others to meet these ends. Also be cautious of taking things to extremes such as our anger, fear etc. Free will, our choice, negative energy or positive, you choose. Let us rather embrace the new name for the card, the Lovers, and walk through today connected to unconditional loving energy of self and not give in to selfish wants or desires – yes, self love and the way the word ‘selfish’ is currently used, is poles apart. Sixes bring us balance, equilibrium and harmony. Let today’s communications take on those gentler ways of being.

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