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23.10.2021 I The Magician

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Yesterday we did not know we had the gift of the energy of The Magician today. Did we force ourselves to get things done yesterday when a wave of a wand today would be so much easier? Sometimes it does us more good than harm to delay things in our life. We cannot see ahead and if it can wait till tomorrow then why not leave it? Do we hear the words of others advising that it is better to do something today? Well, maybe in their world that is what they need, but if it doesn’t work for us then why do it? Take control of our own personal power today. Be aware when the story in our heads is a learned behaviour and especially when it does not serve us. Ones are about new beginnings and our potential. We may not please all of the people all of the time but start by pleasing ourselves. Do what makes our heart sing and grow/ develop from there. A day to step into our truth. The Magician brings us the four elements so we can weave that energy into our day. Have belief in our abilities, a new path may be unfolding before us and especially if we are working on mastering self from within. Today is a day of change, the 23rd, 2+3 = 5. 5 = change. Be like a Magician today and wave our magic wand to bring our dream into reality. We can do this. It may take time to develop but if we don’t make a start it will never happen. The whole of today’s date adds up to master number 11. Let us use the energies available to us today for our benefit, be positive and flow.

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