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23.09.2021 King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: The third king of the tarot suits speaks to us of learned truths and in beginning to see clearly, about how to speak our truth, finding our direction and seeing the big picture. Kings are of authority, leaders and protectors.

Where do these three qualities flag to us today with what we know and what we see? Is authority being abused? Are we being led in a fair and just manner? Are we protected? This card can be about achieving one’s ambitions, but at what cost to others? Do we/they push ourselves/themselves blindly for status above others who are then displaced, ‘trodden on’ along the way?

t is time for us to take charge, but the only people we can truly be in charge of is ourselves. So, let us place our attention on us today, take control of our actions and see through clear knowing what is right for us. A day for swift decisions, and using our own personal authority in what concerns us. Let us also be sure to stay in the energy of the Swords which is an air element where justice and truth prevail. Let us be clear in what is perception and what it is that we feel/know. Is it of the mind or the heart? Kings carry the element of fire and therefore are passionate and driven. Make a plan, liberate ourselves and use this drive to move us forward today. We can do this.

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