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23.08.2021 Five of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: We start the week off with our ‘avenging angel’ who is single minded and beyond integrity. It feels to me to be very much an energy that is currently in the fore of all things ‘media’ and ‘news’. Integrity is of honesty, unity and wholeness, yet what I am seeing is very much for the good of the few rather than the masses. I choose not to wallow in this sad state of affairs but to turn my attention to the future I have been shown – a new world of compassion for our fellow beings. A world where there is no competition for that only leads to victors and failures. There is no need for either, we are all wonderfully unique in our own right. Only those who want to oppress us will ‘rally troops’ and rampage over the rights of others. A card of disruptive energy, of arguments, conflicts and disagreements. Now is a time for us to see beyond conflict both mentally and physically. Today is a day to do what we love and move into gratitude attitude. Being aware of all the good things we have and are able to do in this life. A day to remove ourselves from the angst of others and amplify our own positive emotions; for we know this does make a difference to us. It lifts us up out of the heaviness that is going on around us and we radiate that positive energy out to others in so doing.

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