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23.06.2022 XIX The Sun

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: # Here Comes the Sun do n do da # Are you singing too? Many of us enjoy the sun on our skin, nourishing us (not overdoing it – all things in moderation) like it nourishes the flora and fauna around us. This life giving wonder brings us our sense of purpose, self-expression and vitality.

It defines how we show ourselves out in the world around us. This card speaks to us of our artistic talents, aspirations, external life, of figureheads and kingdoms, of maturity of self. Card of enlightenment. This is our time for new beginnings and great creativity, of personal growth.

Let us express our truth and vision to bring abundant blessings to us. Let us vision, see the future we want to create. Card of blessings in our life and divine inspiration. This could be the birth of a child, an artwork, a book being created/ published. This is the most positive card in the deck. Let us feel its energy and seek clarity for ourselves from within. Linked to the zodiac sign of Leo which has balanced traits of being assured, creativity, generosity, giving, loving, passionate, playful, self-assured and self-expression. The energy of Venus entering Gemini is with us today having entered in the early hours of GMT. See yesterdays reading for more information but also note that this alignment is a fun and flirty placement. Lets have some fun today.

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