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23.06.2021 King of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: We welcome our royal visitor of this week and engage with his attributes of authority, leadership and protector. Kings are of the fire element so bring their own passion to the fore and the Cups are of the water element so maybe together we can create some steam today, or balance the two and have a lovely warm bathe.

This is a card of achievement and dominance in an area of emotional or spiritual interest. It is the energy of paternal care. Our king has travelled the journey of his suit and knows how to master his mind and emotions. He is someone who can assist us to feel secure, safe and protected. Can we take on these traits today and wear them for ourselves? Can we acknowledge how we can be the ones to offer safety, security and protection? Why not us? Why do we think we have to rely on another to provide us with this? Let us be in our own power and honour that within us. Let us extend our compassion and care where we can and not forgetting ourselves at the same time. This is an end of a journey so let us embrace all that we have learned along the pathway and how that assists us going forward.

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