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23.05.2021 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Words from the Shadowscapes Companion book:

All she feels and hears is the Devil dancing above her, driving her, goading her, pressing down upon her. Tap tap tap goes the dancing of his hooves in a merry mocking rhythm.

Tap tap tap in the seductive patterns of entrapment of the willing.

Tap tap tap he dances, and he laughs with the knowledge that it is with such ease he can hold a vibrant spirit captive.’ What merry mocking rhythm is raining down on us these days? What do we see playing out before us that is an entrapment of the willing? Who is the puppeteer laughing at us as our strings are controlled and we dance to their tune? Or, have we learned the lessons of self power and choice that have been gesturing to us all week? Are we in a strong position to actually see the Devil energy at play around us or with us? Are we ready to say ‘no more!’? An evolution is required and it starts with me and with you, individuals, one at a time. Finding a personal power within us, our free will, our choice in how we perceive things,; not as we are told to. Are we puppets on a string or human beings with the right to live in a true democracy that affords us our human rights? Time to change the old ways of oppression and find ourselves via hearts not minds. Minds can be manipulated but hearts are true to us. Are we numbers, are we clones, are we slaves to ourselves and others through addictions buoyed up by those who wish to manipulate us?

We have free will, we have a choice – let it be love, unconditional love, non judgemental; to be, just be, without causing harm to others or trying to control them.

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