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23.04.2021 XIX The Sun

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: This is why we need to lessen the energy of the ‘Tower’ moments. We need to trust that the sun will shine again!

As I look at today’s card I am given the song ‘Let the Sunshine In’ from the ‘67/’68 Musical Hair. It is the last track at the end of the show; its real name being The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)

I check it out on YouTube and find a comment that states: ‘It's like people from 1969 were trying to communicate with us here in 2020!’ This is our time for new beginnings of personal growth and great creativeness. A time of expressing our truth and embracing our visions which can bring abundant blessings. A time of Divine inspiration. A time of clarity from within. This is the most positive card in the deck, can you feel its power? The power of the Sun! A positive card of enlightenment. How does that resonate with us today? Do we feel it within us? Today’s date is the energy of five and five is about change, activity and versatility. How can we work with these traits today? Today we can change ourselves. It is not for us to change others. In changing ourselves we can, by being, show a different way that life can be lived which is more joyful and fulfilling. Others wish us to live in fear so they can manipulate us. Find the power of you and what you know to be true in your life and live the best life you can live. This is your life now, for this lifetime only.

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