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23.03.2021 Two of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: This card is all about choice. Today I want to highlight the fact that as we are human we have been gifted with free will to choose the way we want to be. Yes, I am listening to this message as I type it, very pertinent to me right now!

We can live the life of 'juggling balls' while we dance a jig on a very small and unsteady platform high above a precipice, or, we can enjoy some quiet time and wait for life to come to us, at a time which is not only good for us but for everyone else too. Maybe we enjoy a bit of both and that is our choice. We have to do what is right for us as long as we cause no hurt to others in what we do. With that I mean ‘real’ hurt and not perceived hurt. We have the right to put ourselves first. In fact I will go further and say we need to put ourselves first but not in an ego minded way rather as in the ‘oxygen mask’ scenario when flying in an aeroplane. Today the card is associated to the lucky planet Jupiter in the earth energy Sun sign of Capricorn. Be in an open position to receive good things to come into your life now. If you got the slightest twinge of e.g. ‘that will not happen’ as you read this text then you need to do some more work on your inner understanding of who you are. We are all entitled to be happy and live a joyous life. So, why not you, now, being in receipt of something good? Open your heart to receive.

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