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22.12.2021 Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: There is no more an adventurous quester than this one of the four knights, the Knight of Wands. It is also known as the ‘Go for It’ card and today we are being encouraged to step into that energy. What are we wanting more of or more power to do something? It may be that we are questing for knowledge in areas of work or creativity. It may also be a yearning for travel or exploration, of achieving a long held dream. Knights are ambitious, they take action, they know how to ‘get back on their horse.’ It is certain that if we don’t try, or put ourselves out of our comfort zone to do something different, we will never truly know what we are missing. However, it will play on our minds if we go down that road of ‘what ifs!' Today we may find there is an opportunity being offered to us. Will we be in a place or frame of mind to be able to say yes to it? We expect a positive change through this card encouraging us to open ourselves to adventure.

The knights are extreme and fast, they quest, they rescue. Do we feel that passion with regard to ourselves today? Or is it something we have resigned to that we ‘think’ it is for other people and not for us? If we were given ‘free reign’ today, what would we wish to seek out, where would we be, how would we do it? What would it look like? The Solstice is a marker for our year ahead, how would we like that to be? How can we make it happen, how can we bring it into being?

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