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22.08.2021 XXI The World & XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Sunday: Staying with the energy of duality, today we have two cards appearing for us. Don’t allow this day to be too heavy, better days are coming; death as we know is only change. A big day energy wise not just with two major arcana presenting themselves. Today is the day of the Full Moon, a blue moon for it is the second full moon this month. *Heather Eland advises: ‘This Full Moon in Aquarius is looking magical – highlighting the “Great Benefic” Jupiter all the while the grand trine is forming in the Earth signs, imbuing blessings and the ability to take clear, decisive action on Uranus, which is the modern disposer of this Full Moon.’ Etc. Today also, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Our two cards today are about the ending of a cycle and rebirth. We respect what we have learned from the past but we are not held captive to it. Today is about putting our energy in the right direction; assisting us to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. The World card is numbered 21 = 3, Death is numbered 13 = 4. The flow of progression is there, let us embrace that today as we let go of the old so we can shine our new light and let it be as strong as the light of today's full moon. *

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