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22.06.2021 II The High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: For all of us that have had technology issues this last Mercury retrograde, it stations direct tonight at 11pm GMT+1 [BST]. It will be mid July however before we are clear of its power. Today’s card asks us to engage with our intuition. It is about trusting our instincts and reconnecting to our true selves, our personal power. She steps up for us to guide us forward in knowing that all may not be as it would appear to be.

In two days time we will have the full moon energy in the Sun sign of Capricorn. We have had two days of Capricorn energy already via the cards and now we are receiving moon energy with this card. It is about connecting to the unconscious, our emotions, the inner sanctum. Our feelings and how we express emotions. It is also about the energy of harbouring secrets – playing things close to our chest. From the Shadowscapes Companion book it shares: . . . [They] ’murmur their collected stories and their wisdom in a sibilant descant. She weaves those sounds through her fingers, a filigree key coalesces. She calls the owl to her. “Take this and be the bearer of secrets,” she tells him.’ Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all!

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