• Patricia Jean Fleming

22.05.2021 Two of Pentacles & VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Two for one today with a double message of decisions and choices keeping with the theme of the past days cards. Twos are about balance, duality and relationships, dreams and cooperation while sixes are about balance, communication and equilibrium, harmony and problem solving. As the pentacles preceded the Lovers we will assume that it carries the first message and the major arcana card backs it up and what a nice message it is too.

It is about embracing good things to come into our lives now. A time to focus our energies on grounding ourselves so that we can meet the need to adapt to change. Let go of any indecision or procrastination by making a choice as while we allow that energy to control us, we hold ourselves in limbo. Don’t let that negative energy stop us from moving forward in life. The lovers card brings us an energy of connection and union. A deeply felt connective energy of love or romance or relationships. It is about finding our match on some level of our life; a blessed union. There are no obstacles that we cannot overcome. Embrace the positivity of today’s energy.

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