• Patricia Jean Fleming

22.03.2021 IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: First of three major arcana this week is the Emperor. There is a strong essence around just now that all things are not as they seem. How have you been feeling through the Equinox energies?

The Shadowscapes Companion book says of the Emperor: ‘is a man rooted in his ways and views and regimens but confident that this is the right structure and way of things.’

It is the right way for him. He takes the seed of the Empress and makes it grow.

A time for us to bring solidity and growth into our life. We may not be able to look into the crystal ball and know what lies ahead for us but we can be here, now, and live in the moment doing what we can. Take charge of that which we can control and trust our intuition. Own our power and knowledge of what we are capable of.

A need to be grounded, we may find order and routine will help with this.

He carries the power of the four Kings of the minor arcana, know his strength/know ours. Representative of Sun sign Aries ruled by planet Mars which is currently in Gemini and feeling a little scattered and unfocused which may bring some trouble in how we communicate today. Think before we speak!

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