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22.02.2020 – VII The Chariot

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: There is extra strength in the Major Arcana cards to the minors and having The Hierophant yesterday and the Chariot today I am feeling strong moving forward energies.

With Cancer rising in my chart I feel a real affinity to this card. Do you have Cancer figuring prominently in your birth chart? Check out astro.cafeastrology.com and get a chart for free to find out.

Meanwhile, the reading for yesterday continues to carry the drive and energy of it into today. The Shadowscapes book notes: ‘Triumph over obstacles, achieving victory, focusing intent and will, establishing an identity, self-confidence, maintaining discipline, assuming the reins of power and authority, and driving with the unwavering certainty in a cause.

Are you feeling those energies around you today? Were you able to find your platform/foundation, stand point from yesterday’s guidance? The book goes on: ‘Control must be exercised in a constantly changing environment that can and will present challenges . . .’ Knowing yourself will help you understand where you fit within or around those challenges and changes.

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