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21.10.2021 Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Youthful enthusiasm, a message/messenger the Pages are the first of the Royals that complete the suits lending themselves to new beginnings and exploration. Again we are guided to listen to our intuition. So many messages about this recently so maybe there is something in it ;-) I can only speak for myself but it has been an interesting addition to my life to be able to receive messages in so many different ways.

We have to be open to receive however, a closed mind will only close off the opportunities afforded to us. The Page of Cups suggests seeking manifestation of emotional or spiritual interest. Trust our intuition. No one truly knows us better than ourselves but it takes a lot of inner work to find out who we really are outside of all that we have been force fed in this life. Today the young Page brings us some fun loving energy for she knows how to focus on the positive. A beautiful gift to assist or enable us to understand what we currently need to move forward in our lives. We have the earth elemental via the Page and water from the Cups. We could make a right mess with these two or we could sculpt something positive that would stand us in good stead for our way ahead. Maybe today we begin to landscape a new pathway for ourselves? Today’s date adds up to a nine, nines are about being almost there. Maybe we are closer to our new beginning than we think we are!

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