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21.09.2021 Page of Swords (World Peace Day)

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: The Pages of the Tarot are our messengers and are of the element of earth. The youngest of the four royals and today from the suit of Swords. Swords are of the air element and bring us the energy of justice and truth. In the Shadowscapes Companion book, it shares: ‘She beckons to you, inviting you to rid your eyes of the clouded haze of too much daylight and to see the path that the nocturnal guardians of the sky offer. The Page of Swords embodies honesty and truthfulness. She is unafraid to scrutinize her beliefs, she looks at the balance of black and white around her without condemning, and she knows the measure of her own soul. She is unafraid of emotion, though she does not let emotions rule the decisions she makes, logic is what dominates her the most.

Her mind is agile and analytical and she uses that to guide her sense of purpose and assess situations. She stretches her perceptions to try to make room for the new and unknown.’

Nobody knows what lies ahead of them but when we stand in our own power like today’s Page of Swords, and in the qualities of honesty and truthfulness then we are doing the best that we can do in the situations we find ourselves. What clouded haze do we need to rub away from our eyes today? Interesting that Mother Nature has filled the air with the ash of the volcano on Spain’s La Palma Island. What other sources have been trying to blind us to truth? Where do we need to be agile and analytical today? Do we close our eyes in the face of ‘the wool being pulled over our eyes' or do we assess the situation with clarity of heart and mind?

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