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21.09.2020 – Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Today we have another Pentacle card and with it a single dose of earth energy still grounding us. This card is linked to emotional stability, compassion and generosity. It may well carry some of yesterday’s Page message as there could be something nice flowing to you, be that out of the voice of another or written down. Sometimes known as the ‘Law of Attraction’ card, but like anything given from the Universal energies, we tend to get what we need more than what we want. Some link this card to effort and reward but I find I cannot type that as guidance for you today. What I am feeling is the need for us to have more clarity about what it is that works for us, what makes us happy and joyful. If I had a magic wand here today, what would you ask me for? What do you really need more so than like to have? Today is a day to focus and be clear. The card is linked to the Moon in Taurus. The moon energy will assist us to express ourselves while Taurus brings us practicality and patience. It asks us to look at the importance/true value of things we may ‘think’ we want.

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