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21.07.2022 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Step up our first royal visitor of this week. We had a king visit on the 13th and I always think of the queens as 13thcard of the suits. 13 in numerology says that if we can harness its energy then we can achieve everything we want. Queens bring us the traits of caring, experience and maturity, of knowing themselves and others. They represent creativity and are about our ideas being realised. The Queen of Cups is fair, honest and warm hearted embracing the nurturing of self and others. Card of listening to our intuition. Of coming back to who we truly are and protecting what is ours. A new level of understanding of what’s important to us in terms of home, family and our sanctuary from the challenges of the external world. Of understanding of where to place our energy now. Protective energy, protecting self and being protected. Queens are of the water element as is Cups so double energy today. About how we nurture our emotional energy and spiritual interests along with maternal care. Linked to the zodiac sign of Cancer which brings us the balanced traits of: acceptance, care, gentleness, nurturing, protective, receptive and reflective. Let us use the energy today and not be drowned by it, but to use it to move us on, to flow or surf the waves of whatever comes to our door.

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