• Patricia Jean Fleming

21.07.2021 XIII Death

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Last night I was sooooo tired I went to sleep when my head hit the pillow at 11pm. I woke at 1.30am, glanced at the time and slipped back to sleep, then again at 6.09am. I woke at 10am having had three strong dreams that I partly remembered. I was definitely ‘dead to the world’. The Death card follows the Hanged Man. This is not talking about physical death but about the rising of the phoenix from the ashes of something that has befallen or arisen with us. A card of awakening and healing. It is about creation, destination, rebirth and renewal. It is [also] about endings and beginnings which has been the energy of this weeks flow of cards. Metamorphosis is another good word, and transfiguration, changing through a process of being.

Linked to the Sun sign of Scorpio and its ruling planet of Pluto.

Today we have a numerological date that reduces to the master number 33. The Master Teacher, the mover and shaker. A day to influence people and initiate events. A day to shine within our own

personal light. What will we rise up from today like the Phoenix?

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