• Patricia Jean Fleming

21.06.2021 XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Another day, another Major Arcana and another card linked to the planet Saturn that rules the Sun sign of Capricorn. What limitations or fears are we being asked to question or understand today? A card of hopelessness, restrictions, responsibilities. We are reminded of our boundaries and our commitments plus self control. This is about something we give our power to, like the puppeteer and we the puppets jumping as our strings are pulled.

A card of detachment, dominance and negativity. It can be of difficult and toxic relationships. It is teaching us to take back our power. To be in control of ourselves. Time to remove ourselves from materialism, moodiness and pessimism. To know that we can make a difference by looking to ourselves first and changing the way we carelessly, heedlessly live.

A day for us to take charge of ourselves and become our own masters; no one knows us like we do. Today is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere giving us the longest day of light and shortest night of darkness. Let that light shine into our beings and assist us to remain in, and to be positive.

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