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21.04.2022 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Moving onwards and upwards from the Knight to the King today. Kings are authority, leaders and protectors.

Are our leaders today using their authority to protect us? Have they lost sight of the greater good of all in fearing their inability to serve all? Have they been won over by the greed of gold? Do the trinkets of their bemusement sooth their minds in thinking they are doing a good job rather than a passionate heart that would move mountains to serve all? Sometimes known as the Trust card we are being asked to consider what trust is in our lives today. Card that tells us it is time to go in search of what makes us happy, gives us security and solidity. Card of great achievement and dominance in commerce and industry. Kings are fire element while Pentacles are earth. Yesterday the Sun [fire element] moved into the earth element of Taurus which again fits nicely with this card. If we cannot trust others then we have to move ourselves into a place of being able to rely on ourselves and those that we can trust. Are we able to ‘fend for ourselves’ if we are put in that position? What would we do if the governments fell? What way out is there from a money driven society that is not benefiting all of the people? In this year 2022 why are there still people starving in the world, why do we fear migration and immigration? We need to be king of our selves. It starts with us and it starts by going within.

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