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21.04.2021 Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Another nice follow on from the day before. We are the ones with our ‘fingers on the keys’. We are the ones who can choose the tune of life we want to hear and fashion it in the way that works for us alone. We don’t need a script, a song-sheet that someone else has created for them. We can feel the music, allowing our fingers to find the keys intuitively as we connect with our heart. This card is about staying true to ourselves. Allowing our own pace to dictate our movement. Nine of Pentacles is aligned to the planet Venus in the Sun sign of Virgo. Venus, the planet of not only love but beauty and harmony as well as relationships and values. Virgo’s attention to detail is a mark of their devotion. They are happy if their partner/family/friends are happy though this can seem to others to be a nagging energy on Virgos part. We are all different, when we remove ourselves from the ego and drop into the heart we can begin to see the truth of others intentions which often are not as we ‘thought’ them to be. Let us try and look for a positive outcome before a negative today – the energy of this card is positive so will help us with this practise.

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