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21.03.2021 Ten of Wands and XIII Death

Sunday: Two for one today and both cards talking about the end of a cycle. First up (or out!) was the ten of wands. The last numbered card in the suit before the royals. As well as completion, tens can be about perfection. As this is in the Wands suit we are in fire energy which is all about creativity, expansion and will. Do not let the burdens of life stop you from living. It is time to lighten your load. A second day picking up on the planet Saturn energy, today in the Sun sign of Sagittarius. Look beyond our current restrictive views and expand our consciousness into different possibilities. Then a visit from the major arcana card of Death. Not to be feared. Death is something that will happen to us all at some point in this lifetime. Our bodies are not eternal but our spirits are.

Some of us also find that within this life we encounter many visits with this energy where our lives are changed beyond recognition from a way we had been previously living. It is a natural cycle of death and rebirth; the phoenix rising from the ashes of that which was before.

We have just entered the Spring Equinox energy and the start of the growing year here in the Northern Hemisphere. Be open to the year ahead, plant your seeds and tend to your ‘gardens’ for life is what we make it. So let us do what makes us happy today and brings us joy into our life.

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