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20.12.2021 Two of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Staying in Cups energy today we jump back to the two to bring us the energy of manifesting new love. Pure and beautiful heart to heart energy. Someone or something that connects with us on an emotional heart level. A supportive partner. Anyone or thing that enters our life should enhance it as we do theirs/its. This card is often portrayed as a couple but for me today, the energy I am being shown can be of e.g. a pet or a special place in nature. Something or person that we can have a tremendous rapport with and still be in our own power. It is important to be true to ourselves always. We should never change ourselves for someone else, for then we are not being in truth and that is a very important energy.

If we hold ourselves in truth then we should expect the same back to us.

Life is about duality and we have the free will to choose which direction we want to engage with. The number two is going to echo through 2022 with its traits of balance, choices and decisions. Also duality, relationships and reconciliation. Reconciliation could be with ourselves, our true selves. Card of the planet Venus in the sun sign of Cancer which is a water element that looks for care, comfort and security. Also dependability, loving and patience. Venus entered Capricorn on November the fifth and will be with us through until March the sixth next year. Its energy is strong around us as it went into retrograde yesterday giving us the opportunity to revisit and rework relationships.

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