• Patricia Jean Fleming

20.11.2021 Ace of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Today we are back into Wands energy and the first of two Aces to end our week. Aces are about new beginnings and potential. They bring us gifts from the Universe but we have to take action to move that energy on. Today’s Ace of Wands brings us the element that fires our creativity, enthusiasm and passion. It brings out our charisma, how we engage with our will and gifts us with opportunities. This new path that is being waved in our faces this weekend is an opportunity for us to shift something in our lives that no longer serves us today. This energy is about passion and lighting us up. Something we are excited about and want to take action towards. It is about taking our power back, finding the potential that each of us holds within ourselves. Today we are being asked to light the spark or reignite it and allow its potential to move us into an area of new growth, a new path. This card is linked to the XX Judgement card of the major arcana that asks us to step into our own light and allow ourselves to move on. It is our choice, we are gifted with free will. So, will we use the energy available to us this weekend? Yesterday we had the partial eclipse full moon which brought us the energy that we normally associate with new moons, yes, new beginnings. When these energies come at us from different directions it is asking us to sit up and take notice. They are nudges to assist us to an easier way to live life. Are we open to work with this energy today?

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