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20.07.2022 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Card of getting back on our horse to claim our victory crown. What is stopping us? Card of prosperity and of attracting good fortune. Of victory and success. Of putting challenges behind us. Of knowing who our friends are. A day to be in our own power and know what we are made of and are capable of, our level of achievement. Card of breaking free from fight and struggle. Of our strong independent energy. Linked to the lucky planet Jupiter in the fiery zodiac sign of Leo. At 02:38 BST in astrology we have Sun Oppose Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn. Heather Eland shares with us that it: . . ‘brings to light a power imbalance of some kind and can bring to the surface deep fears that cause us to face a feeling of powerlessness. On the other hand it can also expose where we have become too controlling in our own lives. . . You could compare a Pluto opposition to the Sun to the period of time in the caterpillar's life cycle where it's deep within its cocoon. It’s in the middle of dissolving into the "goo" phase and doesn’t yet know that its beautiful wings await if it just keeps going. A day for us to hold our trust and faith, all will be well!

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