• Patricia Jean Fleming

20.06.2020 – Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Our heroine is resting, she has conquered three of the four issues that she has worked on to put behind her but one last one remains and is held onto very tightly! Usually, the last one is the most difficult because we leave the most difficult issue till last. She has garnered much light on her journey to this point and is having a rest.

The main thing here is not to give in, but to keep going. When we remember the energy that we have given to that which has gone before, should we want to give in now? Or, do we ask for support and guidance to get us through or around this last hurdle?

Holding on is our choice, we have free will, but do we really want it now? Are we not already starting to see a different way of being? For once we engage with that new way it is very difficult, if near impossible, to go back. The journey of life leads us forever onwards in and ever increasing spiral of being. We can move with it or we can ‘go against the grain’ and try to hold onto that which now longer serves us. Our choice!

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