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20.04.2021 Seven of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: I like to call this card the Architect card as I see the potential within it and the vision. Similarly I have heard it called the Dream Weaver card and today feels like a day when we can garner support from the cosmos to assist us to weave our dreams and create our plans.

It is also a nice follow on from yesterdays creative spider. It is a card of not giving up, just because others can’t understand you. For then we need to take a different approach with them. The only people we can change is ourselves. We need to trust our intuition and be clear in our choices for our best interest first.

Can we individually be the architects of the new world? Why not? We have the free will. We can learn to live our lives in the way we want the world to be. We can change ourselves to be the best that we can be regardless of what else is going on in the world. Remember, we can only be sure of what we use all of our senses to understand. Anything that is second or third hand will be laden with other peoples views. So let us change the things we can, understand that there are things we can’t change and trust that we will have the wisdom to know the difference [The Serenity Prayer]. The card today is of the planet Venus in the Sun sign of Scorpio. Only we can protect our emotional security by learning to stand in our own power individually and not look outside of ourselves for a crutch to support us.

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