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20.03.2022 King of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: The sun moves into Aries at15:33 GMT bringing in the Spring Equinox.

A while back I was shown a blue dragon in a meditation. It linked to today and what I heard was ‘Harsh words will be spoken.’ That is all I heard but it did feel like it related to something happening in the World! [I wrote that 17.02.2022 and wonder what is the connection today?]

Today is the start of the Astrological new year bringing us the energy of new beginnings and in the Northern Hemisphere we have the start of Spring. Our King of Cups brings us a similar message as the Death card in the major arcana or as portrayed in this deck, Phoenix Rising. It asks us to rise above. To move ourselves into a higher way of being. This King is the energy of paternal care. He knows how to bring happiness into his life and he knows how to master his mind and emotions. He is the energy of great achievement and dominance in the area of emotional or spiritual interest. Kings are of the fire element and link nicely with today’s Sun move into Aries. Cups suit are of the water element, they are about emotion, feelings and relationships. Today we are being asked once again to step into our power of self, be the King of our own life. Trust our feelings and intuition before that of the mind. Heather Eland shares: 'This Aries Season we could find ourselves feeling especially inspired to help others or begin a spiritual or creative journey in some way . . . '

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