• Patricia Jean Fleming

20.01.2021 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Second day with the same card 2 x 6’s = being on the right path.

Have we taken the opportunity to go within during these days of lock-down that in some way, shape or form nearly all of humanity has been experiencing?

We are being guided to stand in our own power, not in competition of others but, in embracing our individuality, finding what is right for us in this life and allowing ourselves to be there. Then we may find other people to be in community with.

Any victory here is one of self mastery, in knowing the self and exploring what it is to live in that way of being while we are unable to distract ourselves with ‘outside’ interferences. This card is associated to the lucky planet Jupiter in the fiery sun sign of Leo. Lions with big hearts. Let us put challenges behind us, know who we are and what we are capable off. Give ourselves permission to be us and stop worrying about what other people think; that’s their bag! Let us find our confidence and shine our light out into the world around us. That for me speaks of victory and that is worth celebrating!

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