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19.09.2021 Seven of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Sunday: More of the same energy today hanging over from yesterday but today we have the planet Mars in the Sun sign of Leo. Passions run high and so does desire in this card, however, Mars is currently retrograde in Libra and that energy is about suppressing anger and desire. When we look at this card you could see the situation two ways, either the Badger is there to attack the Vixen and cubs, or bumbling Badger stumbled into the den area by accident. Can we change any aggression we may have today?

It is in our power, we have the power to overcome anything. We may stand tall and resolute, determined before a difficult situation or challenge. A card of perseverance and taking to the higher ground. Of standing up for ourselves and possible forgiveness issues. A day when we may need to see beyond limitations.

To stand our ground for what is right for us, but, not being harsh or abrasive about it.

A day to be open to new possibilities, such as the Badger bumbling rather than attacking! We are told to keep going, that it will happen for us. So, let this message of support keep us strong in ourselves today, without attacking or belittling others, for they are on their journey also.

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