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19.08.2021 XX Judgement

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: No one judges us more than ourselves, but what good does that do us? I am reminded of the story of Crow in the Native American teachings. Crow pecks away at its reflection until there is ‘no’ crow! Do we judge ourselves this harshly, and if so then why? Is it as simple as being a learned behaviour? The joy in learned behaviours is that they can be unlearned. We are all wonderfully unique and capable of moving ourselves into a better state of being. It is necessary for us to look after ourselves first so we can then be in the best energy to offer support and assistance to others. The energies this week are taking us on another awakening journey of us allowing ourselves to be in our own power. Today the planet of awakening and liberation, Uranus, stations retrograde. *Heather Eland shares that from now until 18th January 2022, when it again moves direct, we will have been shown where we need to make changes in our lives. Where in our lives are we desiring more personal freedom? ‘Take this time to get really clear on the areas in which you feel stuck, stagnant, anxious, and oppressed so that you may work with this energy to break free once and for all from this ‘oh so familiar’ energy signature this year.’ *

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