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19.07.2022 XVIII The Moon

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: 18=9 = almost there! Energy of our own journey. About compassion, compromises and spirituality. Good, personal achievements. Card of where things are magnified and where we feel the emotion. Lack of clarity, not seeing our path forward which of course can be a hidden blessing. Things are going on under the surface and it is being brought to us. We are being guided, trust our intuition. Go within and listen to our inner knowing about things today. We may just get a glimpse of a way forward, aligning with our soul path. The moon represents the 12th house of magic and spirit. Linked to the zodiac sign of Pisces which brings us the balanced traits of connection, compassion, empathy, intuition, mindfulness, presence, tranquillity and trust. Today in astrology Mercury Enters Leo, Heather Eland shares with us that: . . ‘Mercury in the gregarious sign of Leo is a master story teller, a boisterous speaker and can make a brilliant performer. . . Throughout this time try to find a deeper meaning or purpose behind the obstacles that arise. . . our thinking can become too grandiose and it may be that we overlook important details.’ may have to be on guard for the sharing of ‘tall tales’ today and break the illusions presented before us.

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