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19.06.2021 Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Our second six of the week, balance and harmony. Today we are back on an upward curve with the Law of Attraction card though it is always about getting what we need rather than what we want. One may question if that is where society has failed in that we have allowed our egos to rule our heart and think we should have all that we want?

This card guides us to focus on where to place our energy. Efforts are rewarded, what we put in we get back. Do we need more? It is the Universal flow of give and receive. This is a card of compassion and emotional stability – sometimes referred to as the Minor Arcana equivalent of the Justice card. It is linked to the Moon in the Sun sign of Taurus. Today the Moon is literally in the Sun sign of Libra and I am feeling a link to planet Venus that rules both these signs and is about values and relationships. The Moon is about emotions and intuitions and is currently at home in the Sun sign of Cancer. Meanwhile this card is asking us what is it that we want. Do we want to shower the plant with money or are we conjuring money from the plant? What are we throwing money at or what are we expecting to get 'money' from today?

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