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19.06.2020 – Three of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Much of the astrology and tarot that are currently being aired are about self-care and this card today is showing up in the same vibe. Getting near the end of my 21 card batch so this was chosen at least two weeks ago; only writing it up now – as guided.

When we have been hurt by others it can be difficult to open our hearts to support from another. Not everyone has a hidden agenda! We can harden our hearts and stay sceptical or we can open our hearts and receive genuine love. There is no magic wand that tells us which is which, but when we learn to love ourselves i.e. heartfelt love not the ego love of self, then we emit a positive energy that is more likely to receive positive energy.

Today, if you feel like you want to reach for the stars but don’t have everything that you need to do that, consider being open to accepting a helping hand being offered to you.

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