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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

19.03.2021 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Did we manage to hold onto our hats yesterday and not get blown away in the double air energy? Today’s card is the one of victory / success. Are you able to look at your current situation and be happy for what you have achieved in some way, shape, or form recently? This is an energy of putting challenges behind us. Getting back on the horse after being dismounted, usually ungracefully! A card that asks us to know who our friends are and that they can count on you as much as you can count on them. Jupiter in Leo are the energies that speak through this card and talk of prosperity and attracting good fortune. A time to be in your own power and know what you are capable of. A day of breaking free from past heavy energies and embracing a lighter, more joyous way of being. Are you ready for some of that today? It is Friday so let’s celebrate that and whatever else is dear to your heart today. What are we grateful for now, beyond the ‘normal’ let us look a little deeper before giving our gratitude's today. We are building towards the spring equinox, a time of change and of growth – how will that look for you in your new positive outlook?

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