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19.02.2021 Two of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Balance, duality and relationships. Some people are adept at juggling while others can be all fingers and thumbs. What do we bring into our lives that cause us to have to juggle things rather than being realistic in the first place and not giving ourselves such a hard time? There is a big energy here about knowing ourselves and accepting our limitations. Again I am asked to share that we are all uniquely different and what is right for one person does not mean it should be right for another. Find out who we are and what our balance is. Play at juggling if we like but don’t put ourselves in a position that causes us angst. Be strong, make the decision(s) and accept it/them. Try to practice grounding, get out for a walk in nature if that is possible. Also, move into gratitude attitude. There is so much we can give thanks for. The more we are grateful for an abundance fills our lives. The card is associated to Jupiter in Capricorn which gives us the energy of the lucky planet with the steadfastness of ‘the goat’. If you haven't got a head for heights then don’t climb mountains! Good things can come into our lives now, are we ready for them?

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